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What People Say


Rennu D.

I had a very spiritual and wonderful session with Samantha. She connected me with my late husband who had just passed away tragically. The experience was soothing and pacifying and I am now able to somewhat get myself together and try to find a new norm in my life. I could not believe the information that was conveyed to me through Samantha, from acknowledging our dog Charlie, to me wearing a memory chain around my neck; his library of books and this one book he has never quite finished reading which was next to his bedside when he was admitted to the hospital. The closure I got was we never quite knew how he passed, and I had guessed from the lack of information that hospital was providing me, was that he had aspirated without his sleep apnea mask. Samantha started the session talking about his struggling to breathe and the lack of the mask over his face and measurements. The other amazing information was his reading glasses. My daughter has taken them in his memory and our granddaughter wore them at her presentation. Many other messages conveyed through her confirmed that we had connected with him.  Samantha had no prior information on how my husband had passed or any information about me or the family. 

I thank you for the session and for helping me through my grieving process.


Rachel H.

This was my first reading ever and Samantha out me at such ease. Also, things were shared that were incredibly moving and powerful and she allowed the process to unfold in a way that felt safe and calm and light. I can't thank her enough!

Alexandra V.

Had an unexpected opportunity to receive a reading from Sam. Not sure who would come through and boy was I surprised. In fact, I was blown away on the accuracy of the reading. This family member I had wanted to connect with for over 30 years. The reading was just beautiful!!! Sam has an incredible gift. Thank you Sam for this amazing opportunity to connect with this beloved family member!!!

Lily K.

"Samantha was a pleasure to work with for my first medium experience. She was responsive, professional, and very kind. She allowed my brother and I to connect with our mother and validated that she continues to love us and be with us. Samantha has a truly beautiful gift and I would absolutely recommend her for anyone looking to experience a spiritual connection."

Katie P.

"My mediumship reading with Sam was amazing. I wasn’t expecting the person who came through to come through but he obviously had messages for me. The accuracy Sam had with this person was astonishing, there was no mistake who it was. 

Sam’s warm and approachable personality made me feel so comfortable and relaxed. And I was happy to hear the friend who came through is in a good place and at peace.

I would 100% recommend Sam, she truly has a gift. If you are nervous about booking a reading, don’t be…Sam makes it all so easy!"


Jennifer W.

"Sam is amazing!!! As a physician it is incredible to connect to those who have passed. She is wonderful and I am forever

grateful for the experience."


Erna K.

"Samantha left me in awe - she is a very gifted medium with a sweet, kind and understanding personality. She didn't ask any questions, didn't need any information in advance, and yet Samantha "translated" and delivered the messages from my deceased family member with so much accuracy. I couldn't believe my ears! I'm forever grateful for her incredible work and the piece of mind it brought to me."


Karen B.

"I had a session with Sam and it was amazing! At first, I was searching for the family member that she was describing and I couldn’t think of anyone who fit the things she was saying. Then it hit me like a ton of bricks. She was talking with a close college friend that had passed away over 30 years ago. She described him to the tee, even his funny sayings. It was such a special experience. Sam made my day and allowed me to have a moment with someone special that I lost long ago.  It brought so many positive emotions of someone I cared about a great deal." 

Catherine C.

"People have mixed emotions when someone tells them they're a medium.  What Sam has is a gift and she can not ignore it.  She has had to learn to channel what she sees, hears and feels and how to translate it.  I have witnesses Sam gift numerous times. Sam saw things from a photograph that no one could have ever told her or she would have had ever known. Her ability to convey messages in various forms is truly astounding.  Its interesting because many times she doesn't know why she is saying something but to the person she is connecting the information to it is often personal and many times precious. While it's easy to be skeptical about the afterlife and how it's translated, I have found Sam to have a true talent for what she does."


Kristen R.

 "I was shocked and devasted by my mom’s unexpected passing.   Shortly after, a friend connected me to Samantha.  It was comforting to feel that she connected with my mother.  There were many references to our shared experiences, and it was validation that she is still with me in spirit. There were so many moments, but one example that really hit me was that Samantha saw someone sitting on the bathroom floor crying, and said that my mom wanted me to know she was with me at that moment.  I remember the moment and am grateful to know that she was with me. I shared her words with my brother and we both appreciated the reassurance that she was ok and wanted us to make the most out of our lives. Because we were in COVID lockdown and were not able to be with her at the hospital, this was a very moving experience and significant for me to know that she is ok, even though she was alone when she died. Having a connection to a loved one whom you have lost is so powerful moment. We know they are around us, but the confirmation of their presence is a true gift, and I am grateful to have received this gift from Samantha. "

Prabha J.

"The read was very profound for me and brought about many memories of the time in my life I was the happiest and the saddest. I was raised by my maternal grandmother till I was 16 and she passed. Samantha told me of the box my grandmother kept a mustard seed necklace on her vanity~ the box and necklace I dreamed of for years until my mother finally gave it to me. So many things Samantha talked about that were lost memories not remembered until now. I'm So grateful to have had this reading. It sparked conversation between my Mom and I that otherwise would have gone unsaid.  Should you be looking for lost connection with someone, please.... don't hesitate to reach out to her ♡ it truly can bring you peace. This was my first time trying something like this and I am glad, super thankful it was Samantha. Samantha did my face reading, and the details were totally on spot, especially some of the things about life situation + family. I am amazed, thankful and delighted all at the same time. You are gift Samantha."



Brett K.

"Sam has a true gift! Was so interesting to see what she could read from a photo of someone she knew nothing about. I found out information I didn’t even know! Was a great eye opening experience I would absolutely recommend her."

Leslie R.

"Samantha did a reading for me to bring a deceased loved one forward. She connected to my father and every single thing was 100% accurate. She even brought up two things that were so specific to my Dad that I have never talked about anywhere online, and I have to admit it was amazing to have this experience of knowing he was really there while we were discussing the info coming through. Thank you. It was truly amazing and life-changing.I was so godsmacked when you mentioned the tie. I gave him the most awful tie a 6-year-old could ever find and it became a family joke. For you to pick up on that was amazing."


Liz E.

"Excellent! Highly recommend-provided an amazing, detailed and enjoyable reading. This was my first reading and Samantha made me comfortable instantly. Starting with a most meaningful and joyful memory of oranges-I knew immediately she was special! Entire reading made me feel connected and left feeling happy and fulfilled."

Carrie R.

"If you ever have a chance to receive messages from Samantha, do so. She is a talented medium and she gets very precise details. I was amazed how much information she gave was so exact just from a photo. She hit on so many important areas that assured me she was speaking about my loved one. Thank you."

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