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How I Work  

When I connect, I see images (Clairvoyance), I feel emotions (Clairsentience), sometimes I just "know" something to be true (Claircognizance), and occasionally I will hear phrases or words (Clairaudience).
I like to compare it to Charades and Pictionary.  I need to translate these images and feelings to figure out what your loved ones are saying. Therefore, mediums are not always 100 percent correct. It's not like talking on the phone and getting a direct answer, although I wish it were that easy. Please keep that in mind during a reading. Sometimes we may misinterpret the message but when it's important, your loved will resend us the image, feeling or message in a different way, so we can correctly convey their message.  This process and outcome fascinates me in every reading. I am truly blown away by the power and creativity of our loved ones.  It's an intelligence we are connecting to; it is your loved ones, your parents, relatives, spouse, friend, etc. They are just in a different form. Sometimes one may need to hear "I love you, "You made the right decision", "I'm sorry" or just a "hello". Mediumship can make that happen.
It can bring a lot of healing. It can bring someone's grief or mindset to a different place. Even if it's just for a brief moment, it can help someone breathe a little easier and open their minds to the possibility that there more to life than meets the eye.

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